Køpenhavn or better known as Copenhagen is a city that you must see!

A few weeks ago I’ve been to Sweden, but before I arrived in Sweden, I visited Denmark.

It’s a really lovely city that I can recommend to everyone! But you should take your jacket with you because it’s not that warm over there.

These tree places you should visit when you’re staying in Copenhagen.


The one and only hippies town in Copenhagen it’s really nice to see the colorful houses and how they live there.


Royal Danish Theatre

This building is still a new fortune for Denmark! It’s a really beautiful theatre where they play opera you should go for a tour in this building. Every year divers jump of the building in the water.



En als laatste de bekende Nyhavn. Deze foto’s zie je het vaakst wanneer je Copenhagen opzoekt. De gekleurde huisjes aan het water zijn net zo mooi in het echt als op foto.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

These are tree places you must see!!

There are so much more places that are really beautiful and a lot of nice shops but there’s not enough time to discuss them all. so I will just give you some extra tips to finish.

  1. Watch the bike!!
    Copenhagen is a real biker’s city so you better don’t get in their way! The people are so nice, but if you bother them while they are driving on their bike they’re really mad.
  2. Take warm clothes with you!
    Copenhagen is still in Scandinavian so it isn’t very warm over there. But the beauty of the city makes it warm.
  3. DDK
     forget that they don’t pay with euro, dollar or pound. They pay with DDK so you better should going to the bank before you go to Denmark! You can also do it in the country himself, but then you need to pay more.



So, I hope I’ve inspired you and you are excited to visit Copenhagen.


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