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Hi angels

Today I want to share my favorite blogs with you, it gives me a lot of inspiration so hopefully it gives you inspiration too!outfits_2015-354174-7-1449663648843Erica kvam blog

Love this blog! It’s all about fashion, makeup and lifestyle.., The sad thing is that her blog is not in English. But with the internet you definitely can find a way to translate her blog! It’s one of my fave’s blogs!


abikiniadayA BIKINI A DAY blog

Love this one so much! It’s a blog that is created by 2 best friends that love bikini’s, fashion and traveling. They make their dreams come true! They’re traveling the world to take pictures for you to inspire you.

For me they are really motivating because they tell you to be happy with yourself and that everyone has his imperfections and that or imperfections make us human. You can also buy the bikinis of the pictures they’re promoting, which makes it even nicer.

And best for the last, they give you some amazing tips about skin care, hair essentials and a lot more…


mimi ikonnnMimii Ikonn blog

Another one I love is the blog of Mimi Ikonn! She’s a real angel, and she seems such a nice person. She has her own YouTube channel too where she posts many videos to give her fans tips, tricks and motivation. She also tells you just like a bikini a day that no one is perfect and you always have to work if you want to achieve something. I really like this part because it gives me a realistic view on the social media.


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