The KENZO tiger

Something that you definitely must have this winter is the famous KENZO sweaters! They’re really in now, and it’s a really warm sweater too! I think that all types of girls can wear them for the reason that it’s a sweater in all colors you can think of and it’s a casual sweater. Even a classy girl can look good with these sweaters; It makes the girl cool on a nice way. Even the gentleman can use these sweaters because they have also a man’s line. Conclusion;

Make sure you have one in your closet this winter!

But I couldn’t write about this KENZO sweaters unless I tried them myself! I already use the KENZO sweater from my lovely sister. I loved this sweater so much I need to have one too, so I bought one during my visit in Rome and, the easiest part of having a sister you can wear each other’s clothes. So two KENZO sweaters in one.

Sweater time

My sister has chosen a light blue color, with a black tiger and a touch of dark blue. It looks like a summer color, but actually the sweater is very warm.

I have chosen for a black sweater with glitters, and a silver tiger with rosé color. What makes it a more glamorous sweater I think, than my sister’s one.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


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